Bravo Edestiny

If you have any type of digestive issue, Edestiny is a wonderful strategy. Using an Edestiny suppository every other day allows the mucosa to be enriched with a protein that is ordinarily in the gut and gives a fullness to the body that is like a long breath of fresh air.  It relieves stress!  

Dr. Ruggiero has brilliantly provided this product for us and now it is also in the form of a suppository!  Now, you can have a fresh clean mind in just a few minutes.  Let the suppository deliver it's product to your brain through the galial drainage system of the spine by using a suppository to provide the support where you need it.  Anyone with issues in the colon of any kind should try this product. 

  • Edestin is the main protein that when fermented assists the mucosa membrane.
  • This product added a "Y" to the Edestin "gut" protein to make it's name cute.  Edestin-y 
  • Tests show that Edestiny is a significant inhibitor of cancer cell proliferation at very low concentration.
  • It compares in effectiveness to a potent chemotherapy agent called Bortezomib.
  • It is a "ready-to-use" immunoregulatory molecule and is metabolized to make antibodies for self-defense.
  • Edestiny supports manufacture of needed
    • hormones
    • enzymes
    • hemoglobin
  • Is easy on the kidneys due to low phosphor content

 The Science of Edestiny

The efficacy of Bravo products in supporting our immune system has been proven in scores of peer-reviewed publications and, now more than ever, it is important to have a good immune system.  

As Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier prophetically stated "…our immune system will get rid of the virus within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system…".

Marco Ruggiero (CEO Silver Spring Sagl) introduces Bravo Edestiny 3/2020

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