Bravo Edestiny  Probiotic Suppositories (Best by 1/23)
Bravo Edestiny  Probiotic Suppositories (Best by 1/23)

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Bravo Edestiny Probiotic Suppositories (Best by 1/23)

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Bravo Edestiny contains fermented edestin, the main protein of hemp that, after fermentation, becomes a vegetal GcMAF. Tests show that Bravo Edestiny is able to significantly inhibit cancer cell proliferation at very low concentration, only one order of magnitude less than one of the most potent chemotherapeutic agents (Bortezomib).
Do I need a suppository? 

   Yes!  We can benefit directly within 20 minutes with better & brighter brain function.  Suppositories connect to the lower part of the downstream lymphatic network and administer a "clean space"  for  the meninges (dura), cranial nerves, and larger vessels exiting the skull creating which are otherwise hard to get to. It also gives support to the reproductive system, bladder and colon itself.

Bravo Edestiny Probiotic Suppositories (12) 2000mg Suppositories 
* Contain 300+ Probiotic Strains
* Contain Edestin - an Active Protein (vege GcMAF)

They are
* "ready-to-use" immunoregulatory molecule.
* metabolised to make antibodies for self defence.
* significantly inhibits cancer cell proliferation (in vitro).
* supports hormone, haemoglobin and enzyme manufacturing.
* does NOT overload kidneys (low phosphor content).

Bravo Edestiny is a Fermented Hemp Seed Protein which delivers active ingredients to the liver via the hepatic vein for system wide delivery and immune support.

* Boosts Immunity

* Fights Cancer

* Improves Energy Levels

* Fights Chronic Fatigue
* Support Healthy Bowel Function
* Improves Autism
* Stimulates Neuron Regeneration
* Improves Mental Clarity
* Reduces Food Allergies
* Optimizes Athletic Performance
* Promotes Longevity

Few researchers have paid attention to the protein moiety of the plant (Edestin) and we at Bravo believe that most of the benefits do actually come from the proteins of hemp that are beneficial per se and all the more after fermentation just like milk that is a probiotic per se, but becomes much more effective after fermentation.This is not medical advice and is not intended to diagnose or cure diseases. Please be medically responsible.