Praesidium® -  The EMF Protector (Best by 3/23)
Praesidium® -  The EMF Protector (Best by 3/23)

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Praesidium® - The EMF Protector (Best by 3/23)

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Praesidium® is the natural solution to harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation using a nutritional formula that strengthens your cellular system the right way. 

Invented by renowned molecular biologist, Dr. Marco Ruggiero, Praesidium combines decades of human microbiome research and the advance science of biological quantum entanglement.  Praesidium® supports human health with a proprietary probiotic blend that includes microbes known to be extremely resistant to EMF Radiation and a phage structure that supports human DNA integrity

Ingredients and instructions for use

Praesidium® ingredients include specialized living probiotic organisms, fermented herbs, specialized living silica, and spirilina,  The technology is patent pending.  The product contains 90 capsules which is a 3 month supply.  You may want to start slowly.  The doctor recommends not taking more than one capsule per day. 

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