Colloidal Silver, High Quality,  1 Gallon
Ionized Colloidal Silver/Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

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Ionized Colloidal Silver/Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol

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Colloidal Silver, also called High Quality Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol was made with a Collgen2 generator.  We are not educated or responsible for how you use colloidal silver.    We don't even charge you for the colloidal silver.  We charge  you only for the bottle and the shipping.

The CollGen generator is used by NASA

Scientifically Verifiable Smallest nm=silver nano meter

Colloidal Silver has a long medical history dating back into the 1930's! The antibiotic benefits of colloidal silver were known in early Greek and Roman times! The positively charged ionic form has well documented broad anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties plus effectiveness on most parasite eggs.

Side effects, according to both the FDA and EPA, appear limited to Argyria, a discolorization of the skin with excessive "silver salt" uptake, resulting in "seven cases of Argyria related to silver products having been reported", according to Barrett of Quackwatch. NEVER GENERATE SILVER WITH SALT! 

Much equipment on the web is so crude it fails to produce positively charged ions of silver and thus most colloidal silver consumed is very weak (low in bio-effectiveness). Unfortunately, many think raw metallic particles, a non-soluable mineral form, can be used by your body, when only soluable minerals (ions) are! 

"Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic ions of silver. The broader commercial definition of "colloidal silver" includes products that contain various concentrations of ionic silver, silver colloids, ionic silver compounds or silver proteins in purified water...   DANGER--Many "so-called" effective Colloidal Solutions are produced by using salts, batteries, honey, tap water.   You will know what you are using when you generate Ionic Water with the CollGen2® ICS generator.

Concentrations of colloidal silver at 5-10 parts per million (bio-available size) have been found to kill numerous infectious bacteria. Prior to 1938, colloidal silver was widely used by physicians as a mainstream antibiotic. It was produced by pharmaceutical companies under various names, including Protargol and Argyrol. But the material was costly and the pharmaceutical industry developed fast-acting, less-expensive sulfa drugs and penicillin. Colloidal silver has been approved by the EPA as a disinfectant for hospitals and medical centers.

Compounds of silver also have a long history in medicine. Silver nitrate solutions were introduced by Crede in 1880 to protect newborn infants' eyes from infection, but have largely been replaced by antibiotic ointments since 1978. (Silver nitrate solutions are not the same thing as a suspension of IONS of silver.) Silver-containing cremes such as silver sulfadiazine have been used in burn centers for more than 100 years." (Wikipedia)

IMPORTANT-   THE COLLGEN2® DOES NOT PRODUCE A MIXTURE OF ION SIZE!!!! THE COLLGEN2® PRODUCES A CONSISTANT, MEASURABLE SIZE OF  POSITIVELY CHARGED (+) SILVER IONS. Size of ion is the MOST important factor in doing the JOB! The smaller the size of the Silver Ion, the more surface area the silver ion covers. NO GENERATOR ON THE MARKET MEASURES THE ION and shuts off after it is produced. A customer submitted and paid for test of Ionic Colloidal Silver he made with our Collgen2 unit (tests by Natural-Immunogenics Corp. on 6/20/02) had the following results:

Particle sizes from micrographs at 100,000x and 280,000x Min. 1nm Max. 46nm (the general definition of a colloid is particles from 1 to 1,000nm) pH = 6.45 Silver PPM = 6.96 (being less then 9 umhos/cm means all ionic) Clarity = clear Conductivity = 9 umhos/cm Osometry of zero Tyndal = very low "The antibacterial activity as tested on two strains of staphylococcus aureus (wild type and MRSA) was clearly better then many colloidal silvers on the market. In 4 and 8 minute inhibition challenge tests against 200PPM and 300PPM silver nitrate (at pH=7) the sample of CollGen2® sample was 40 X superior to the Nitrate.

One gallon of the CollGen2® Silver Water is produced by using deionized water.  If the water is not free of ions, the CollGen2® will shut off automatically. The CollGen2® produces such a perfect Ion --Ionic Colloidal Silver that our Colloidal Silver Generators are in use at 1000's of companies, doctors, health practitioners, hospitals, farmers and individuals world wide.

The inventor produced larger generators (even for NASA) but at this time we are only selling the CollGen2® 1 gallon producer.

We have customers that sell one gallon (divided up into little bottles) and they earn up to $1,000 for a gallon of CollGen2® produced silver water and it cost them less than $1.00 to generate.

World’s Oldest Antibiotic Also Shows Promise as an Anti-Cancer Therapy

Fred Peschel (Peschel Instruments Inc.) spent considerable time in refining the process to assure neither useless silver salts, atoms or crystals are formed! Government tests clearly indicate the superior benefits of charged ions (300 to 17,000 times more effective) than most salts or metallic forms. Silver ions are 17,000 times more effective in saline blood than metallic silver!  


 The silly argument many present that "ions are rendered useless in your stomach acid" are utterly false, as digestion begins in the mouth, where most soluble minerals are isolated by your metalloproteins in saliva, for safe transport.