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imuno Emollient Cream

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Emollient Cream with imuno!

Here is what the inventors say about this new cream that is expected to be on the market in January!  Register your interest and save the right to buy one for yourself on our first-come-first-serve waiting list. 

The compounding of imuno™ under the form of a transdermal delivery system (cream) would increase the spectrum of indications that in addition to those recognized for GcMAF and Rerum would thus comprise dermatologic and rheumatologic conditions where the rebalancing of the immune system is sought after.

In addition, since the system that we have previously described significantly increases transdermal delivery, it can be foreseen that imuno™ may yield effects at the site of application not too different from those observed with injection.

In short, the field of application of imuno™ comprises, but it is not limited to, all conditions and diseases that have been successfully targeted by GcMAF and Rerum ranging from cancer to autism, acute and chronic pain, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory bowel disease.