Handwriting Analysis - Quick Glance

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Your "On Track" Behavior Report(s) are enclosed 

In this report our analyst looks at the person's specific behaviors and how they are managed and interact with their actions and results.   This has to do with using “copybook handwriting” or what is taught in school. What the person actually delivers is a morphed version of the graphics.  

It is important to note that an interpretation of behavior is not an opinion or judgment.  Rather, it is an assessment like a teacher would grade a school paper.  It is based on a body of work and libraries of study which determine that graphics on the page are a miniature replica of the person’s behavior, patterns and thoughts, regardless of whether that person wants to hold them private or public. 

Each of us have divergent behaviors but we vary in areas of limits and constraints, such as how far out of a norm is the person willing to go? The handwriting shows that some people don't push their limits at all and are ineffective, others show balance and hit the target, and others go overboard and can’t stop themselves.

Our limits and personal choices are a style of behavior that often depends on our upbringing, subsequent training, and maturity.  This report shows us only how we approach our discipline and maturity and approach it in general at this time. We study the evidence on the page for aspects of the writer's behavior to see how it is used either positively or negatively to create productivity, cooperation, and team spirit.

This report is a quick glance.  It takes a more time and talent to see how a person is equip and what aspects of personality they depend on to come to work.  Do they adhere to company protocols?  Are they training to benefit the team and the company?  Our next level of report helps a manager to know what to expect.  It shows strengths and weaknesses and some confidential notes that help manage the person.

The quick glance assessments are calibrated to show levels of behavior that is either beneficial or destructive. They range from a positive, cooperative and “ready to go” approach to pushing the limits, negative, aggressive or destructive behavior.  In this case it is assessed both toward the merchandise, the customers and staff, and ability to uphold the store’s protocols and time use.

We do not predict behavior.  We can see micro evidence of current macro behavior but there are always choices being made and stressors which change and could impact future behavior. We look at the variance of their behavior to what we assume is your desired standard of behavior on the job.  

We are essentially doing team building.  In the past, we have had long standing statistics which show that when we screen a store’s team, there is a reduction in the incidents of theft and lower turn-over.  This saves money for the company and can increase sales by creating a more enjoyable workplace by lowering the sum total of negativity.

We have been working with jewelry stores doing this service since 1987.  We realize that a store full of gems is a huge energetic broadcasting event.  We take our job seriously and tend to be very conservative of who get’s the honor and privilege to participating.  Broadcast the best!

Over many years, we have been asked by our company to identify the qualities of a good sales person.  We were definitely surprised by the answer.  It wasn’t being organized, responsive and covering the territory!  Both the high sales and low sales people had those qualities.  Our "copybook" successful person is confident, informed, connected, and authentic. We use this hard-earned experience when screening.

The risk exposure is great whether you are on the floor, on a bench, or at an admin desk.  We hold these standards for everyone.  In this report, we give you a quick look on the divergence between our “copybook” team member and their level of divergence from the target of On-Track Behavior.   

Since this can be done quickly and inexpensively it becomes an exceptionally beneficial "pre-screening" report and needs to be followed up.  Other reports will find their skills and how they can best contribute with natural ease and joy.  We suggest that prior to long term hire, that the "strengths and weakness" report is requested to see how the individual fits in with the team and performs their tasks.
The following items are used in this assessment.  The subject will be assigned one of the ratings below that most closely shows their level of divergence from your ideal employee.  In addition, there is usually a note or two given to understand the direction of  behavior that is evident on the page.

A wise manager will remember that it is an honor to be part of the Albert’s Team!  Can your manager and fellow employees live with the behavior noted on this report?  Is the described attitude something that you want broadcasted and amplified through the jewelry?  We expect everyone to have a profoundly positive impact with the highest caliper of expressing professionalism and being a great human being.

Our comments won’t be negatively worded.  It is up to you to interpret what we say.  Example:  “Although this person has an intention and attitude of maturity, ‘natural maturity’ has not yet been established.”  As you can see, the comment shows you the direction of the issue.  Additional time and reporting may be necessary to “surface” more detail.

The templet below will guide the report creation.  Only one of these levels will be chosen,  although it may be modified.  Please read please read your report carefully and slowly.  Thanks for using our service!

On-Track Rating Scale:
Ready to Go (RTG)
Displays-on track behavior

Proceed with Caution or Extreme Caution 

Displays graphics which have been associated with Moderate Risk
Displays graphics which may be associated with unprofessional behavior
Do not Proceed 

Displays graphics which have been associated with High Risk
Displays graphics which indicate extremely inappropriate yet covert behavior