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Pacific Yew Tip Suppositories + 1 drop of imuno (best for 3 months)

Pacific Yew Tip Suppositories + 1 drop of imuno (best for 3 months)

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Yew Suppositories are hand crafted with Pacific Yew (taxus brevifolia) oil and cocobutter in a silicone mold. 

This particular yew species mainly grow in the pacific northwest and is the only one out of seven species that is safe to use as a dietary supplement.  The Native Americans referred to this yew as the "chief of the forest" to gain strength and endurance and as a tonic for old people.  It is not endangered or threatened in the wild and the plants aren't damaged as only the tips of some new growth are used.

Taxanes have been shown through scientific biological studies to inhibit harmful cell development and replication.

We feel it is a significant player to restore cells that have been overcome by retroviruses

Directions for Use:

We are not doctors so please consult a physician. These are herbal suppositories and we recommend that you take 2 per week.

Color of suppositories may change.  A greenish tinge indicates yew tip was used as an ingredient.