Bravo Non Dairy Bravo Powder (12) pack, makes 12 Liters of non dairy juice

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Bravo Non Dairy Bravo Powder (12) pack (Best before 6/2022)

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Non-Dairy Bravo Powder is a special formula for people who have dairy allergies or intolerance.  If you get rashes to dairy, this was made for you.  The formula was made on special machinery that excludes dairy ALWAYS. The batch is made with either fruit juice or a laboratory recipe which for 1 Liter contains, 1 Ltr water, 1 TBS lemon, 1TBS sugar, the 3 different packets of probiotics and contriton sulfates, and a piece of dried fruit.

People have had excellent results with Non Dairy Bravo.  It has restored cognition, organization skills and verbal retrieval.