Ban Lan Gen

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Clear heat and eliminate toxins. For all sorts of inflammation. Bitter and cold. Sore throat, Upper respiratory infections, hepatitis. Anti-coagulant so use with caution with anti-coagulant medication. Treats all liver problems (hepatitis, elevated enzymes, cirrhosis, fatty liver). Add a few drops of vinegar to tea. Can be added to Liver DTX for better effect.
Isatis tinctoria  from Dr. Lebowitz
1) Woad Supreme (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744)- Woad Supreme™ is the powdered root of Isatis tinctoria. Isatis has a history of use in China for 2,000+ years. Many years ago I (Dr. Lebowitz) helped a company I used to be associated with make an encapsulated Isatis product and it has been used successfully by many practitioners over the past 15 years. Recently that company has discontinued quite a few products and Isatis is one of them. To meet the demand of many practitioners wanting a dependable Isatis product, we have sourced a supply of high quality Isatis that did very well on our kinesiological evaluation. We are also making a 90 cap bottle as opposed to the previous 60 caps, and increased the mg. per cap from 350 to approximately 560.  As always with Supreme there are no added fillers, binders, flow agents or anything else.
Isatis, commonly known as woad, has the following indications:
     a) It is a broad spectrum antimicrobial. We find it most effective as an antiviral for both acute (including severe respiratory conditions) and chronic problems. It has also been shown to have antibacterial and antiparasitic effects, including against leptospirosis. Isatis is also immunostimulatory. In China, woad (isatis) is used to treat such conditions as pneumonia, UTI, sinusitis, tonsillitis, influenza and even acute hepatitis. They also brew it into a tea to use topically on rosacea, herpes, shingles, and impetigo.
     b) Woad is strongly inhibitory against the COX-2 enzyme thus exhibiting strong anti-inflammatory activity.
     c) In China it has been found to be useful in helping some cancer patients, especially those with leukemia (it is obviously not a standalone cancer treatment).
     d) Animals studies suggest it has protective effects against certain forms of 
radiation and may be a good detoxifier in general. 

Supreme Nutrition attempts to supply the physician with a large array of broad spectrum antimicrobials with long histories of use in different cultures. Isatis is an excellent addition to this line and should be considered in any patient with subclinical or overt infection. Those of you who use applied kinesiology, or some type of electrodermal screening, should test it along with other antimicrobials on your patients.

Possible uses: viral, parasitic and bacterial issues, inflammatory conditions, radiation exposure
1) Do not use if patient is on prescription blood thinners.
2) Safety during breastfeeding and pregnancy has not been studied so you may want to avoid prescribing it during these times. 
1-2 caps, 3x/day