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Bai Wei

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An ingredient in Astringent Complex. Bitter and cold in nature. Clears heat in the ying (nutritive) level. Clears heat and cools blood. Treats both deficiency and excess heat. Low grade fever, flushed face, irritability, heat sensations at night and cold sensations in the morning. Night sweats. Burning urination. Can be used to treat wind-heat in the exterior or Lung heat (Cough with fever and yellow phlegm). Eliminates heat and toxins (sore throat, skin lesions and abscesses, snake bites). Prostate inflammation caused by heat in the lower jiao.
Bai Wei enters 3 channels: Yangming (surface/right cun and right guan floating and strong), Chong Mai pulse: long, extended, wiry, thick forceful beyond the left chi. (emotional, hormonal symptoms) and Ren Mai (mostly reproductive system). It is also sour. Sour destroys blockage; female problem, pain, endometriosis, cysts, swelling, cervix problem, discharge. Jimmy doesn't use it by itself. He gives Astringent Complex.