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Ba Wei Di Huang Wan

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A combination of remedies that warm and tonify Kidney Yang. Great for things in the family of low back pain, weak legs, cold sensations in lower body, and cramps in lower abdomen. It also addresses endocrine disorders such as diabetes, hypothyroid, sexual and reproductive disorders. It also addresses Kidney disorders including kidney stones (nephroprotective), incontinence, nocturne, prostate disorders, cardiovascular disorders (anti-hypertensive), and pulmonary disorders.
Deep fine pulse at chi position. 
Combine with Long Dan Xie Gan Tang for Kidney problems (kidney failure, proteinuria, swollen kidney, UTI, cystitis, kidney infection, etc). One is cold and the other hot. One warms the zheng qi and the other cools the evil qi. Pulse: Taiyang pulse (big, long and proximal) on right chi. Kidney chi is weak; Evil qi is strong.