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Bravo Prepared GcMAF Yogurt *LOCAL PICK-UP*  $72.00+$25.40 (deposit if mail is needed)

Bravo Prepared GcMAF Yogurt *LOCAL PICK-UP* $72.00+$25.40 (deposit if mail is needed)

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Mimi's Kitchen Club Free shipping is not offered for prepared yogurts. The price of the prepared yogurt includes shipping. 

Skip the fuss! We can prepared Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt for you and you can pick it up in your neighborhood.  Protected by deep violet Miron Glass, the product stays longer and stronger. (IMO) The half liter (2 cups) lasts about 1 month.

Designed specifically to create GcMAF to turn on the gut, digestion, cellular energy and reclaim your ability to gracefully and easily move the heavy emotions. It is Mimi's opinion that GcMAF both removing and preventing diseases by helping our gut tissue (us) to be champion energy movers!

You will need to make specific options:

Choose your milk taste preference, generally available is cow or goat.  (It does not effect the GcMAF). The cow has a more gelatinous texture.  Goat milk is more syrupy.  Raw milk is approved for animal and agriculture use only by the FDA.

Your order of Prepared Bravo Yogurt is made custom for you.  Once your yogurt has been made, it will not be possible to cancel or get a refund.   Therefore, we require a deposit of $25.40.  If the order is picked up, the $25.40 deposit will be refunded to you via your payment method.  If the order is not picked up, we can then ship the Bravo GcMAF Prepared Yogurt to your shipping address.  

We can only fit one prepared yogurt per envelope.  We can sometimes fit extra products in as well. We love happy customers and work hard to make your experience more pleasant.  Please help by being there to pick it up and communicating to get the job done.

Find Bravo Protocol on our shop page (we have Bravo Protocol Xtra also!) and take 1 cap x 2 times daily.  Because we are in local areas, the milk sources and taste may be different.

As you use Bravo Living Probiotic Yogurt, you will recognize that it is moving toxins out of the smooth muscle tissue and you begin letting go, (probably because the Bravo feels safe and dependable.) At this point, if not from the beginning, you will want to be taking Bravo Protocol to help the blood and lymph move the toxins and the minerals to support the smooth tissue's strength.


Remember to leave the light on and keep that Bravo refreshed and vital within you. The Bravo Living Probiotic Yogurt provides me with a graceful and healthful state of being. I am sure it will for you too.

Return and Refund Policy

Prepared Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Yogurt is shipped to you overnight on ice and needs to be refrigerated within a few hours of receiving it. The yogurt cultures at room temperature.

Please let us know if you are shipping to a different address by sending us an email at orderdesk@bravocoop.com or by giving us a call at 321-747-5517.

Due to the nature of things that we can't control, we cannot honor returns or refunds for any reason (including breakage) for prepared Bravo GcMAF Prepared Yogurt.  If we ship, we can't control the heat of the trucks, the temperature of your front porch, etc. Things can go wrong but they haven't so far, (we have had one break, one snowstorm delay, one rookie move where the post office was closed the next day, delays have not damaged the product in all cases.)

If you have any concerns about shipping, the milk, the taste, and whether you will like it, etc, please check out the Bravo GcMAF Probiotic Starter - 3 pack. You are going to make it yourself so that you are assured that it is the way that you want it!

Local Pick Up:

Local pick-up is available in specific areas of the country and will need to be arranged ahead of time.   Local Pick Up Info