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02.c2 How to keep your Bravo Yogurt warm when making it at home.

Each person needs to "figure out" how to keep their Bravo Yogurt warm.

Best beginning recipe:

  • 93 degrees
  • 12 hours

Options for sustaining 93 degrees for 12 hours:

  • Traditional European yogurt makers operate at 110˚.  They are still usable but they need to heat the mixture to 93˚.  Defuse the heat that comes from the bottom of the yogurt maker.  Put a 2 inch coil of corregated cardboard, styrofoam, silicone mat, etc, between the bowl and the bottom of the maker.  Measure a sample bowl or jar of water and measure the temperature to make sure it gets to 93˚
  • Instant Pot - Use the instructions for yogurt but with the LOW temperature.
  • A reptile mat used under terrariums.  Available from Amazon and pet shops.  Put your bowl on the mat and use a simple plug timer to turn it off in 12 hours. Read the reviews because some scorched wood tables.
  • Newer ovens have a proofing function for yeast bread.  Usually a perfect 93˚ for 12 hours.
  • You can simulate this proofing function with a pilot light or light bulb (not oven function, just light bulb).  Calibrate your 93˚ then figure out a good habit like making it 12 hours before breakfast.
  • Use anything that can hold a solid 93˚ for 12 hours without much worry.

Advanced Method -  This method is used for a lower temperature.  It requires the product to be cultured longer.  More here.

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